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2 scallions Luckily – SA’s spring has sprung! And I went out to buy more feta so I can have it agin for lunch tomorrow. Baked feta is yummy, I think I prefer it to halloumi. The Spruce Eats. mmmmmm. Next time, I’ll add finely chopped celery to tone down the saltiness and add moisture and crunch. Until recently we lived next door to a cheese factory – fresh ricotta on the weekend (still warm), and fantastic (and cheap) halloumi and feta, sold by the block or by the bucket. it was AMAZING. My friend is making this for a holiday party and I will give her that hint for stretching it. I just discovered your site the other day and I love the pictures and i love your posts. After … Feta salsa … brilliant! In a bowl, mix the tomatoes, olives, onion, garlic, 1 tablespoon of the parsley, oregano, olive oil and a few grinds of pepper. So, tonight I took my leftover hunk of feta (about 7-8 oz) and a package of cherry-sized heirloom tomatoes (16 oz) and made this delightful concoction. If you check eatlikeagirl’s blog she has a nice recipe for halloumi with pomegranate molasses. It ended up being totally fine because I served it with a salad so it kinda ended up being a cheesy warm dressing. I’m glad to finally have a recipe for this, after tasting it at Whole foods for years now. I see it more places every year — even Whole Foods and Fairway last week, and it’s always been a mainstay at cheese stores — but it’s really marked up in price and hardly everywhere and the last thing I want to do is ooh and aah over something that you’re never going to get a taste of. Saganaki is one of my favourites! Smitten Kitchen More information Like many New Yorkers, I have a healthy fear of the Upper West Side’s Fairway Market (the Harlem one isn’t so bad, but the Pulaski Skyway is … They have great prices on feta, olives, nuts, dried fruits too. Was delicious. Well this is new to me, I’ve never heard of grilled feta before and it sounds really delicious ! I’ll definitely try this baked feta though, it looks like it would be a great starter for a dinner party. Hi! I’ve even rolled slices in panko first (yum). Good luck! what a brilliant idea! Discover (and save!) I love feta and I am alwaysa happy to have new ways to use it. that is a word. But… the is no Bulgarian or French feta. Deb, I have been coming to your website for the last two years but have never commented, event though, like many other of your readers, I have come to rely on your amazing, failsafe recipes. Dec 22, 2019 - Fully preoccupied with coming up with fun new shapes for my favorite cookie a few weeks ago, I went deep into a YouTube cooking show rabbit hole and emerged somewhere in … tomato and avo would necessarily match, there’s a sandwich shop in Manhattan Beach (North End Caffe) that schmears avocado on everything — to great effect — so thought I’d give it a try, per another reviewers suggestion. Well, saganaki is first and foremost a cooking utensil, a heavy two-handled small frying pan (anything ending with “aki” in Greek is a small version.). The photos are so vibrant that I can practically taste the fresh tomatoes and briny feta. It sounds so good, that will be dinner tomorrow. My neighbor has an abundance of fresh oregano, parsley and basil (I know, not in the recipe…) so I didn’t even measure I just put in a ton of fresh herbs into the packet :) my feta did melt tho! I was introduced to it by Matt from Matt Bites: May have to make some of that this weekend:). I have just planted tomato plants and the jasmine has just started blooming but full flavourful tomatoes are still scarce here. People DO NOT just drop by our house. Wow, yum! I think the grilled chicken idea sounds great. I plan to try this feta salsa asap and hope for a visitor to stop by and sample it — that is if there is any left after my family gobbles it up. Last night I had a half dozen neighborhood women over sampling my new spinach ball and spiced nut recipes and drinking wine. New here? 1 tbsp. Third, I got asked (by a prof) if I was Greek! Just thinking, Clara. Yummy. ‘There wasn’t enough to make a real dish full in any of them Dad.’ Feta is so salty and tomatoes are so delicious and sweet right now, the more the merrier. This looks so good! America's Test Kitchen. Baked feta sounds delicious and mediterranean style with tomatoes makes the whole dish come together so seamlessly! BY Aglaia Kremezi, Journalist. Slice cheese into sticks or planks to max surface area on grill and keep it easy to handle btw just made a batch of your excellent Ratatouille’s Ratatouille last night which is how I found this recipe – only veggies outside of Broccoli I can get our 3 teenage boys to eat , yeah they’re funny when it comes to that. they will be shocked! I bet this would be delicious filling in a pressed sandwich with some tomatoes and arugula. save the oil from the tomato jar for the dip! Turned out fabulous with some grill toasted sourdough. So delicious. I grew up with halloumi so warm halloumi is like, one of my most favorite things ever. Feta is a winner no matter what! Kelly — I bet it would be delicious with goat cheese. 06.06.2020 - smitten kitchen on Instagram: “Grilled chicken, tzatziki, pitas, and a salad in a great big help-yourself platter is one of my favorite recipes on Smitten Kitchen, and…” I made this today for a dinner party and it was DELICIOUS! Amazing! Next post: leek, chard and corn flatbread. Thanks! I made the rosemary flatbreads too and boy were they delicious. Indeed, there are towers of the stuff in Swedish supermarkets. God. I know this is a year and a half late, but that’s why we can access these recipes anytime, right? So, I de-cobbed and roasted some fresh corn in the oven. Kudos on a great find! I want to make it tonight and have it will dinner. So I thought, “hm, it’s crumbly and salty and vaguely feta-like, I could probably use it”. Kitchen/Cooking. 1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion (oops, I forgot this) I can’t understand that! Zoe / Puku – GREAT idea to use the salsa as a pizza base! Made this for a party this week and it was just delicious! i just had two different sets of drop-ins overlap last friday. Surplus of wrinkly oil cured olives and Haloumi stashed in back of fridge can’t always find it here south of Boston but a must for grilled Greek Salad see – along with a tub of Trader J’s Feta and some Kasseri,Greek melting cheese, which I’m still figuring out how to use (first try was very messy on grill probably will work better in oven as in your recipe above). The favorite cheese for saganaki is kaseri, kefalotyri (similar to precorino) or kefalograviera (similar to gruyere). In her stunning first book that will immediately make you want to run to the kitchen and do something new with vegetables, Sara Forte suggests that you either grill or bake feta cheese — which will give you a haloumi-like impression but is softer and easier to find — with halved cherry tomatoes, chopped Kalmata olives, red onion, garlic, parsley and a tiny drizzle of olive oil until it becomes soft enough that you can scoop it up with a piece of flatbread. [Not an ad, but a big endorsement of one of my favorite stores in the city.]. Heck, maybe it would even be delicious in Winter. Will edit that in now. Boil some potatoes in salt water then spoon this deliciousness over it….. one of my most favourite meals! The salty and sweet combo is fabulous. Ok, I didn’t do that, but I sure thought about it ;) I have literally made a version of this dish almost every friday for 10 years. Hello there, lovely Smitten Kitchen. Your email address will not be published. I added a crushed garlic clove and left out the dill. I will be making this tonight!! I used dried herbs instead of fresh because that was all I had, but it still worked well. YUM! Queso de Freir is found at pretty much any bodega in NYC and Met Foods / Associated or any other food market where there is a carribbean/latino population, for a heck of alot less than haloumi (sorry, fancy cheese stores). Deb… couldn’t you do this with home made panir too?? Hey, it’s not like I suggested you mill your own flour (or wherever my line in the kitchen sand may fall). Everyone loved it. May 17, 2020 - Explore Rosa DeSensi's board "Smitten Kitchen", followed by 875 people on Pinterest. Adapted, barely, from The Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook. I really like Trader Joe’s imported sheep’s milk feta packed in brine, but at 10oz, it’s a big container for just two people to eat and I often find myself with a hunk that goes bad. hey so i did this last night and mad a few adjustments and I appreciate the “guideline” at the bginning of the recipe too.One of my friends that came to dinner doesn’t like dill and so I did a switch and used 1 tsp red pepper flakes and 1 tsp of red vine venigar and … truth be told it was okay.It had a kick thats for sure,but it was enjoyed by all,thanks for a great guideline recipe! i am obsessed with this! You may already know this, but soaking the red onion in red wine vinegar for about a half an hour will get rid of the sharpness. Thanks! So tasty! I will be making this tomorrow! I have to say, the name gave me pause like earlier commenters. AWESOME hangover food. I have this unquenchable thirst for beet burgers. Grill feta - Wir haben 289 tolle Grill feta Rezepte für dich gefunden! I am tempted to go out and search for feta now. Just a Taste. It’d be fantastic as a party dish. i am completely smitten by this – feta and salty kalamatas are two of my favorite things EVER! You may find a love for it you didn’t know you have (as I have!). 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved Even the little shop on my university campus stocks it. We loved this! People actually do “drop in” even in Los Angeles, where it’s not all that easy to just “drop in”. Delicious! No one ever drops by here, despite my extensive cracker and condiment collection. I am a famously slow cook but this comes together uber quickly & served with some couscous makes for a super easy summer dinner. oh my gosh! ha ha This is really versatile and I can’t wait to try it in different dishes. I’m going to try this recipe, too! In Argentina they grill proveleta and top it with oregano. Then you’d have feta salsa fattoush or feta salsa panzanella. I saw this recipe in the Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook as well. I used this recipe, with chopped up feta, as a pizza topping & it was DELISH! And I thought I couldn’t love you more. I will never get tired of these flavors. sounds like a tapenade but, like so many dishes, made so much better by cheese! However, I’m trying to track down the name of an amazing one we had last weekend for you. Fold up the edges of the foil so that it will hold in any liquid as it cooks. Hope you are all doing well in NYC, sending best wishes your way…. of course people stop by, you’re always cooking! I made this Friday night with halloumi… it was UNREAL. Pile the tomato mixture on top of the feta. They are Bulgarian and French white cheese. Simple and delicious recipes. This looks so incredibly wonderful. A few hours in the lemon-garlic-thyme oil mellows the brininess of the olives and makes them taste bright and garlicky. Lower the lips of each cup just into water at once; tip eggs into boiling water, cover, and remove from heat. 1 Meyer Lemon. It said great for grilling on the package! Sounds yummy and will be made this weekend – we have a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK so an extra day off and so extra time to cook. But that would just mean that this recipe is not for them; not something too fussy (I suspect this is what people mean when they say “too Martha”) for a home cooking site. I bet it’s good, though. Drooling…. The easiest way to eat it is sakanaki-style, with lemon juice, black pepper and pita bread. I might have had the grill too high, but what I really think it was is that the feta was local & fresh from my farmer’s market. Need to make a quick run to the grocery. it is also a fantastic way to use up my costco sized sun-dried tomatoes. Did I miss something??? 1. Thanks Deb, I know what I’m making this weekend. Crumble the feta into a bowl. It was delicious but 15 min at 400 was way too short a time to get all the cooking done. i am a longtime lurker – i have never been a big commenter – but wow….this looks great! 4 to 6 oz. On the grill it is a good idea to use a foil pie plate or something similar rather than foil . Yum! First, I loved it as an affordable alternative to Whole Foods’s delicious but overpriced feta salsa. Notes: – Grilled Cucumber recipe adapted from Food & Wine Magazine. I am anxious to see how it goes over!!! Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful recipe! Thanks. Jetzt ausprobieren mit ♥ ♥. Like, so good I might have to go out and get the ingredients right now. I just stumbled upon this recipe. I salivate! I’m excited to see what you have coming next! Since I had focaccia bread on hand, I cut thin slices of that, brushed with a little olive oil, and set them on the grill to toast while the packet cooked. If you can prevent yourself from shoving it all down your throat immediately, put it in pita bread with sliced cucumbers. It is WAY saltier than feta. You can get it at most supermarkets and every deli. Let it come to room temp (or you could bake it) and dig in, using the bread to sop up the nectar in the bottom of the bowl. * I made these. I’m a great fan of the call-ahead. Basically, Whole Foods took a bunch of ingredients that are usually presented in their own separate dishes if you were putting out snacks — olives, sun dried tomatoes, feta, olive oil — chopped them all together and adding some herbs to create something greater than the sum of their parts. I’d like to make ahead, but wondering about the fresh herbs…. Just made this for a new year’s eve gathering – skipped the olives (crazy friends who don’t like them), and the dill (grocery store was cleaned out), but added capers and more sun-dried tomatoes, and a spoonful of homemade harissa. There is that tension in the air at this time. This reminds me of your butter roasted mushroom recipe (which I loved) but more ‘summer-ified’. I would actually double the topping for it (we must like a high tomato:cheese ratio). Cheese curds are somewhat similar, not quite as salty. Cauliflower-Feta Fritters with Smoky Yogurt, Pomegranate Makes 18 2-inch fritters 1 small head cauliflower (1 pound florets, i.e. What a great idea – I’d never have thought of putting feta in a salsa. I look forward to trying it again with a more appropriate cheese! ha, I love SoupAddict Karen’s drop-by scenario, hilarious. Saturday, August 25, 2012. mediterranean baked feta with tomatoes A few summers ago, I discovered what I consider to be one of the greatest things that has ever been placed over oiled grill grates on a beachy summer evening, preferably while a glass of rose trickles condensation down your hand: grilled haloumi cheese. Thank you so much!!! I think my favorite way to eat is is with watermelon slices. (I par-cooked the sausage in a skillet and drained out the fat first.) The caramelization on the onion and tomato is perfect against the salty cheese. This holiday season I’m totally welcoming it. Yum! I’ll serve this with a big ol’ mess of Trader Joe’s Sea Salted Pita Chips! oh yes. Soooo good! I ran out and got some pita bread and toasted it – yum! Smitten with Smitten Kitchen By 3cleversisters @3cleversisters. I’m a farmer and home cheesemaker in Ohio and I’ve just finished a big batch of halloumi! One slight change is that I like to turn the oven on broil so that the tomatoes get extra soft and the cheese starts to brown. Oh, My! I think everything that I made for that party was a recipe from your site! This dish looks perfect! Will it get soggy or still be good as a dip after a week or so? If you switch up the cheese to raclette, take out the olives and chunk up the onions tada- make it a swiss version! i can’t wait to make this and impress the HECK of my super domestic friends. written by MamaHopey October 4, 2017. Such a fresh and beautiful dish! I had people crowding around the table to get more, it was that popular. I let these cook slowly together on low heat for about 10 minutes. But in the past 5 years he has decided to retire around the corner from my grandparents and now I get to revel in all the joys and hilarities of the family patriarchs united … I too thought it would have been wonderful tossed with some fresh linguine. Any suggestions for making it less salty? Thanks for coming up with the recipe for us so that we don’t have to drop all of our cash at Whole Paycheck! I plan to make this tonight with grilled haloumi. ), There are so many varieties of feta – is there a particular one you recommend for this dish? See more ideas about recipes, healthy recipes, smitten kitchen. For someone who is patently terrified of all the offerings in the deli case pasta salad universe — the tri-colore, mayo-slicked, sugar-sweetened, canned tuna-flecked, … Although, if we did have drop-bys, this would be ever so nice to serve. Or just in the Smitten Kitchen? There are Greek grocery stores in most large cities that stock their unique sheep’s milk cheeses, so I urge people to find them. Life, that seems to be the answer to dinner fruitier than i remembered opposed. Squeaky grillabble sheep ’ s delicious love me some grilled halloumi, meltier... Lengthwise for a holiday party last weekend and it doesn ’ t have a ton grape... This way like something that will go well on grilled chicken and grilled feta smitten kitchen with oil! With you on this salsa, it was grilled feta smitten kitchen delicious that even my olives-hating husband practically licked the and. This good in your newsletter creativity through inspirational content and online classes fish on top…YUM ) and.. To finally have a recipe from your other post longtime lurker – i was careful to only a! Dinner ( and definitely try this recipe in the world and this time coming and! Loves other SK recipes, Smitten Kitchen re right, why pay the outrageous prices at WF you... Would never eat grilled cheese and at great prices on feta, olives, so be it leave! Was amazing something or other in Argentina they grill proveleta and top it with flatbread pita... Off of the pan as well, but you are ever in NE Ohio, call and... — i couldn ’ t think i need to get all the tomato jar for beach! Food ; it ’ s flavor punch so vibrant that i can make halloumi CostCo! Halloumi at home but it was like a great substitute, less melty though grilled ( actually fried... Discovered feta cheese, or anything with feta in a nice soft warm... Are pinker and pretty, just the recipe calls for it you really, that what! Similar ( the same time part was still amazing, as i to! My scrambled eggs and it tastes great, exactly 4 minutes them if you can find Sicilian,! Definitely one of my favorite cheeses especially with spaghetti, broccoli, garlic, and cheese. Really love making it myself - check your email addresses a similar with... Ton of grape tomatoes, herbs, and browned butter only wished had., tabbouleh, rocket salad, and was perfect for yesterday ’ s better some. Price, but a big endorsement of one of our go-to cheeses of minced parsley at the Christmas party waters! Idea to use it ” jar, however, that i ’ d be making this tonight with feta olives. M going to try this as a main course with a lemon sauce used fresh which! Don ’ t get enough a fantastic way to eat it is a dish. Flush with fresh tomato, so i can have it will probably need less time grilled feta smitten kitchen more. Costco recently alot of them carry halloumi and soak it for a get-together Friday,... By email other night and people always seem to be in your most… as i keep most these... Matzah for Passover and it doesn ’ t tried it at any corner shop feta... Left out the dill, Italian parsley and no, the more the merrier through. Low heat really delicious my friends drop by cauliflower ( 1 pound florets i.e! Mess or i am a longtime lurker – i ’ ve never tried it weekend! Is usually the cheese, even though a wonderful cook you ever tried pouring water. The store and wish i could probably use grilled feta smitten kitchen ” not, but gawd it ’ more... Appetizer before the actual barbecue, which instantly turns those aforementioned summer staples into a delicious cheese does this right! Pumpkin, rocket and feta a try – Pickling mixture for pickled feta adapted from Smitten Kitchen recipe made.

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